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Customised Towel Singapore

Sep 20


Printing the recipes your grandmother prepared for you or the most memorable photographs from your vacation on the towel is a fantastic method of preserving memories with a unique method. There's an increase in the amount of people who personalize their towels on every day basis, employing graphics like names, quotes and names to show off their personal style and style for the rest of the world. This has led to an increase in the number of companies that offer services, with the majority of offering printing services for any size and type of towels. This includes regular towels for bathing, catering napkins at weddings and weddings and even guest towels.

Knowing the basics of printing a customised towel Singapore can help you when selecting the appropriate printing technique for your towels in the future. This guide will take users through every step of the process of printing and the crucial details you need to be aware of before printing.

Choosing the Towel

There are a variety of custom towel printing that you can pick for printing . They range from huge bath towels to small kitchen towels. It's easy to confuse an ordinary bath towel as one that's an ocean towel, even the bathing towels are made of heavier yarn than these. The type of towel you select will determine the style that you can put on it as some designs are suitable for particular styles of towels. The color and the quality of the towel is equally crucial in your selection process.

Choose the Purpose of the Custom Towel

Hotels, businesses, and resorts are now using custom-designed towels to advertise their offerings. Some resorts and hotels use custom towels to commemorate important occasions like birthdays, weddings, or even the anniversary of a wedding. Customized towels are useful for many purposes as promotional products, souvenirs from events or as a product. It is possible to incorporate the logo of your company when you wish to make use of your towel to advertise your company, or opt to use the family photo in the event of a grandma's wedding anniversary.

Make the designs you'd like for your Customised Towel Singapore

The designs you select will determine the type of printing you'll use. Certain designs stand out when screen printed, while some patterns require embroidery. It is crucial to decide the size, font size and colors you'll be using when printing.

Choose the Ideal Printing Method

There are many methods for printing your towel , based on the printer you're employing and the design of the design you choose to print. Screen printing is the most common method employed by the majority of companies that print towels since it lets you print several pieces within the shortest time. However, you can spend more when you utilize a lot of colours when printing. Experts in towel printing can utilize the sublimation method in which the design is attached to the towel's fabric before being integrated into the fibres of the fabric. Other options to apply include embroidery direct-to-garment printing or digital printing. Be cautious regarding the method you choose to use in order to make sure that it doesn't damage the yarns that are on your towel.

The printing on towels is different from other printing methods such as printing T-shirts. Customised Towel Singapore is made from durable materials that means the printing method used ensures the uniform distribution of ink on the towel. Additionally the towels are commonly used to wash wet surfaces that is why it is important be sure that the methods used are water-resistant. Take note that the size of the design needs to match the size of the towel in case you are looking to make the most of your towels. So, a less cluttered style is perfect for bathrooms and smaller towels and more graphic designs work well for towels that are large.