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Custom Towel

Sep 18


Printing the recipe your grandmother made for you or the best photos from your holiday on a towel is an excellent way to preserve memories in a creative way. There's a rise in the number of people who personalize their towels on a daily basis, some using graphics such as names, quotes, and names to showcase their personal style and fashion to the world. This has resulted in increasing the amount of companies offering, with the majority of them providing print services to all kinds and sizes of towels, including standard bath towels, catering napkins for weddings, towels or even guests towels.

Understanding the fundamentals of printing a custom towel in Singapore will assist you when choosing the right printing technique for your future towels. This guide will guide you through the entire printing process, as well as the important details you should be aware of prior to printing.

Choosing the Towel

There are various kinds of custom towel you can choose from when printing . They range from big bath towels to tiny kitchen towels. It's easy to misinterpret an ordinary bath towel with one that is a beach towel even though towels for bathing are comprised of more substantial yarn than the latter. The towel you choose determines the type of designs that you could put on it since certain designs are best suited to specific types of towels. The color and high quality of your towel are equally important in the selection process.

Choose the Purpose of the Custom Towel

Hotels, companies and resorts nowadays use custom-designed towels to advertise their services. Others may utilize custom towels to mark special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or even anniversaries. Customized towels can serve a variety of purposes for promotional items souvenirs from events or as a merchandise item. It is possible to use your company's logo if you want you use your custom towel to promote your business or you can choose to utilize a family picture in case of a grandmother's wedding anniversary.

Create the designs you want on your Towel

The designs you pick will determine the method of printing you will apply. Certain designs pop nicely when screen-printed, while other designs require embroidery. It is important to determine the font size, size and colours you'll use when printing.

Choose the Ideal Printing Method

There are a variety of methods to print your custom towel based on the printer you are using and the style of your design once you print. Screen printing is a popular method in the majority of towel printing businesses because it allows you to print multiple pieces in the shortest amount of time. But, you could spend more when you use excessive colors when printing. Printing experts for towels can employ the sublimation technique where the design is bonded onto the fabric of the towel and then will be incorporated into the fabric's fibres. Other options you can choose to employ include embroidery, digital printing or direct-to-garment printing. But, be careful about the method of printing that you use to ensure that it doesn't harm the yarns on the towel.

Printing on towels is distinct from other forms of printing like printing on T-shirts. Towels are constructed of sturdy materials which implies that the method of printing used will guarantee uniform distribution of ink across the towel. In addition, towels are often used to clean wet surfaces which is why you need to make certain that the processes employed are water-resistant. Be aware that the size of the design must match the size of the towel if you wish to maximize the effect of your towels. This means that a smaller style is great for kitchens and smaller towels, while more graphic designs work best for large towels.