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Araku Coffee: A Taste of the Mountains

Sep 24

Araku Coffee is not just a coffee from Araku Valley, it has been carefully selected and grown at the foothills of Eastern Ghats. The lush green plantations with rich aroma provide an experience that's nothing short of spectacular. Araku coffee is a premium variety of Arabica beans grown in the Araku Valley. Even the locals have been using this coffee for over two centuries for its invigorating aroma and taste, which were exported to different parts of India during British rule. This rich aromatic mountain-grown specialty coffee has now become one of the popular beverages across India with many brands offering their version of "coffee". It's still hard to find anyone who doesn't like it!


Facts about Araku Coffee


Araku coffee is one of the most expensive coffees because it has a mild flavor and aroma which makes drinking this coffee more enjoyable. There are many varieties of Organic Instant Coffee, each with unique characteristics such as taste, quality, and price. Araku Coffee is often grown in the mountains because of its growing conditions. These coffees are usually bought by coffee shops for selling them under their label or they can be sold to third party buyers too who sell this product on websites like Amazon and eBay. The price of Araku Coffee varies depending on where it's being sold from around Rs 3000/KG because there are many different types with varying prices that come into play when buying them online!


Advantages of drinking Araku coffee


Araku coffee is a better alternative for most people because of the various benefits it has. The Araku Coffee Company ensures that all their coffees are organic and have not been treated with chemicals or pesticides, unlike many other brands today which use harmful substances to increase yield. In addition to this, they also ensure that their beans do not leave any residue on your machine when you make your cup of Joe! This means no waste at all from either end. As well as tasting delicious, Low Acid Instant Coffee also has health benefits which include reducing blood pressure levels, preventing cancerous cells from forming in the body, and helping people lose weight! This makes drinking Araku coffee a great idea especially if you're trying to improve your general health and wellness.


Araku Coffee's Discovery!


The best part of Araku Instant Coffee? You can't get it anywhere else. Coffee lovers would agree that this is the ultimate luxury. The thick aroma and flavor are something to look forward to!  Araku Coffee's discovery dates back to 1958 when two Swedes were on a cycling trip in South India. They discovered Araku valley while traveling through Anantagiri hills near Srisailam Temple in Andhra Pradesh. It was only 2012 when they started selling their premium organic Arabica beans online. 


How are Araku coffee beans grown and processed?


Strong Instant Coffee beans are grown at around 300-1600 meters above sea level. Only fresh and clean water is used to grow this premium organic Arabica bean in the Araku valley, surrounded by lush greenery! The beans are harvested during October and November. It is a pure Arabica variety, processed from green coffee beans through a natural fermentation process followed by sun-drying to remove moisture content leaving behind dark brown seeds or berries. They're then sorted on a gentle gradient conveyor belt for quality check before being processed using state-of-the-art equipment like air roasters & drum roasters.  


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