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Apr 23


If you've been looking for a top concrete contractor situated in Bloomington, IN, you have come to the ideal possible location. We are Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, and we are the leading provider of top-quality concrete solutions in the city. You can trust us with all your concrete needs, as our knowledgeable team is most experienced and skilled in the region.

We are widely known by our exemplary levels of quality, commitment to delivering the highest level of personal attention, and our wide array of services that encompass every aspect of our industry. So, in brief, when you wish to get more out of concrete, go with us.

About Us

Working in this industry for a number of years and establishing a claim for ourselves as the most acclaimed team of concrete contractors in Bloomington. Serving commercial and residential customers equally, we've gained a reputation as being able to fulfill to a wide range of demands with top-quality. We are there to everybody who asks for help and will serve each customer by putting all of our effort into professionalism.

Our Services

Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway is an excellent feature to have in your home. Effective and practical driveways can bring the most significant difference to any home. This is the reason we are happy to offer a complete selection of premium concrete driveway solutions. You can count on us to design your dream driveway and installation, as well as stamped concrete driveways that are customized according to your personal preferences. Equally, we'll always be available for driveway repair and rehabilitation. We'd like to ensure that each of our customers maximize the value of their drives and so, would be delighted to assist them in any way that is requested.

Concrete Patio

It's the same should you decide to install a new concrete patio, we be sure of our full support. Our company, Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we understand what it takes to produce a gorgeous concrete patio installation swiftly and efficiently. Employing an industry-standard ready-mix concrete blend We can easily install a patio in the shape and style that you want, then finishing it off with one of our many wonderful designs. Making your dream patio easy when you do it with us. So contact us today to share your ideas and plans right now.

Stamped Concrete & Decorative Concrete

One of the best methods to enhance your concrete installation is to apply decorative concrete designs. Stylistic improvements, such polished concrete, stamped concrete and colored concrete provide a significant improvement to any structure that they are used on. They give it more interest and life, which will no doubt give you more satisfaction in the long longer. That's why it's important to take into consideration the stunning selection of decorative concrete styles that we offer and select the one you'll use for your next job.

Concrete Steps &

Concrete is the ideal material to use in flatwork and structural work. Flexible, durable, strong and easily integrated in any space, it is ideal for construction projects. This is why our team provides numerous high-quality services in this field that include concrete steps, stairways installations and concrete sidewalks, and even concrete foundation and slab foundation construction. Utilizing the same highly durable and reliable concrete mix that we're so popular with, we construct highly effective fixtures for development plans that last for a long time, and with lasting effectiveness.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Our wall retaining services are just one an example, which allows residential and commercial clients to develop terrain in the way they want. When you work with Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, we put our products to full use to meet our clients' requirements, no matter what their plans are. If you're looking for industrial retaining walls to enhance an infrastructure project or you simply want to improve your landscaping with some appealing wall retaining, we can assist you in this. Contact us to discuss your plans for the project and we'll help you realize it for you.

Epoxy Garage Floor

If you're planning for concrete to help you achieve your goals for concrete garage floors or concrete garage floor coatings or epoxy garage flooring, bet we are up to the task. Our team puts epoxy floor coatings to their best use for our clients helping them to create the most durable, resistant, and more visually appealing installations. An epoxy garage floor is always superior to a simple polished concrete floor and will help you get the most out of it for a longer time. So, if you typically get up to any house or vehicle in the garage, updating your flooring could be a wise course of action.

Contact Us Today

No matter what it is you plan to do with concrete, however you can have us there for you. As far as Bloomington concrete companies are concerned we are the top and can promise you top-quality customer service. So call us at Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co, and always achieve the best.

Bloomington Concrete Contractors Co

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