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The maximum level of accessibility and mobility is provided by the Integrated Transport Hub throughout all islands

Oct 18

Tenet EC is a well-established estate with a variety of facilities that can be reached on foot, including a coffee shop, a polyclinic, and an educational facility, and is located at Tampines St 62 (Parcel A).

Due to its proximity to Tampines North MRT Station, Tenet EC is one of the most well-known choices for homebuyers. The brand-new MRT station is located next to a number of stores, including the Giant Food Centre and the COURTS megastore by IKEA.

Find the place that will best meet the demands of both your relatives and your immediate family. Tenet EC might be a place where friends and family congregate. No matter if you're working or at home, whatever you're seeking for may be found in an environment that makes you feel at ease. Finding somewhere to study or work is simple.

Utilization Potential in Promoting Capital Growth
Purchasing straight from the developer is essential if you're looking to sell your home to raise money for expanding it or cash to support various investment opportunities.
Buy cheaply and sell it right away.

Tenet EC might be the first and/or next business to join the collaboration. By 2022, the alliance might be operational. Tenet EC made its public debut on February 20th, 2022.

The neighborhood of North Tampines Town is secure and well-maintained. Residents participate actively and effectively in their community, but they also have time to unwind in the peaceful environment. Tampines North Hub provides its people with a wide range of amenities and services. Plans call for Tampines North Hub to become an authorized hub in the near future.

The Tampines North Station Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) offers the highest standard of mobility and accessibility throughout all islands.

Business support is offered by the well-known Tampines Regional Centre, Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre, and Tampines North Station.