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4 Tips and Insurance Claims Advice Following Storm Damage

Jan 4

If you're not maintaining regularly your home, your storm damage insurance claim might be denied by your insurance company because of your contributory negligence. Under most insurance laws, you must perform your duties with reasonable care and preventative maintenance of your property is included in this category. Our article below is advice straight from the certified public insurance adjusters in Las Vegas and restoration construction experts.

These suggestions will help you to avoid damage from storms and ensure that your insurance company covers any unexpected damage. The most effective advice we can offer is to consult a licensed public adjuster or restorations specialist to help you find troublesome areas on your home's exterior and inside to ensure that you are thoroughly preventing avoidable storm damage and are prepared to deal with any unexpected damage similar to the ones caused by extreme weather, floods, heavy hail rains or high winds.

#1: Clean Your Guts

It's an unpleasant chore, but it's crucial to have properly functioning gutters if you wish to limit destruction from storms as you can. A gutter cleaning service is available if you are unable to climb an incline. Certain contractors for roofing and the exterior offer this service. You should inspect your downspouts regularly to ensure proper drainage of water away from the foundation.

#2 Inspect your roof for any leaks

Inspect your roof for leaks. Check the flashing around breaks in the roofing like vent pipes, skylights, and in areas where the roofing is located near chimneys and walls. Also, make sure you check for missing shingles. It can be hard for an untrained person to spot minor leaks on the roof or minor roof leaks can result in extensive storm destruction to your home. Because most insurance policies demand homeowners to conduct some sort of regular routine maintenance, it is vital to engage an expert in the inspection of your roof in order to spot any problems. To avoid minor leaks turning into major issues, call a roofing contractor who is licensed.

Clean your gutters in order to avoid storm damage and water leaks in the event of severe storms.

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3. Inspect your home's Foundation for cracks, Gaps & Potential Leaks

Water that enters a home through the exterior is not covered from coverage under nearly every homeowner's insurance policy. Many people don't realize that floods are an additional insurance coverage that is covered under a different policy (if provided or even offered) and that water coming infiltrating from the outside is thought to be a flood. While it is best to call a professional contractor to address any leaks, it is possible to make sure that water doesn't enter your house by sealing cracks or gaps (in your foundation , or around doors and windows) with a siliconized exterior caulk like GE Siliconized Sealant.

#4 Search Property for trees that could be uprooted and cause Storm damage

Be sure to inspect the trees around your home. Dead or diseased trees have weaker roots, and are more susceptible to being blown down by high winds during the storm. This can cause severe damage to your home. A professional will be able to take away any dying, dead or weak trees from your property.

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